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We accept and are credentialed with most health insurance plans for Speech Therapy.  We are a Tricare Credentialed program for ABA Therapy Services.  Our insurance office will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding pre-authorization and plan coverages


Outreach KelseyThe EnListen®  Listening Training Program is the most powerful and easy to use individualized listening training program available.  EnListen® is a breakthrough software program which trains the human ear to acquire, develop, and refine one's listening function.  Listening is the foundation for competency in speaking, reading, writing, and social interaction.  It is the most basic skill, the first to be developed in language, and the foundation for all communication and learning.

EnListen®, developed by Kirk D. Thompson, Ph.D. and Billie Thompson, Ph.D.  is utilized by Progress Center™ in a format that is portable and adaptable to a variety of educational needs and goals.

Our program has many applications that improve how the ear functions and processes incoming sound and movement without distortion.  Two of the 195_Dothanthree major sensory integrators, the cochlea and vestibular systems, are in the ear.  Development of human intelligences is affected by how well the ear works.  Improvement in listening to the body and distinguishing sounds leads to improvements in language, communication, social relationships, reading, school performance, rate of therapy goal achievement, attention, understanding, music ability, sports performance, and motor control.

EnListen® accepts the principles established over the last 50 years by Dr. Alfred Tomatis.  Dr. Tomatis was a french ENT physician who discovered that if we cannot hear and process certain frequencies of sound then our voice cannot contain them either.  Dr. Billie Thompson was trained by Dr. Tomatis and was the founding President of the International Association of Registered Tomatis Consultants.  With the latest advancement in technology as the ear is stimulated  with the music of Mozart and other content selected to achieve specific goals and processed through the EnListen® software and headsets with bone and air conduction, new pathways form in the brain to expand the listener's potential for success in life.

Head ScanBecause of the connection through the vagus nerve to all organs of the body, sound stimulation also improves how the  body regulates and brings more balance into the organs of the body.  The voice improves because it can only express what it perceives.  Thoughts, questions, emotions, and requests come more fluently, precisely, and quickly from children with language delays as the ear-voice connection is strengthened and distortion reduced.

Progress Center™ is only the second center in the US to utilize EnListen® and the first in the US to offer EnListen® as the initial program in sound training.  We work with clients of all ages and capabilities.  You begin by assessing your listening abilities (from the perspective of the Three Integrators defined by Tomatis), your multiple intelligences abilities (defined by Howard Gardner in 1983, Frames of Mind) and your Correction, Self Development, Enhancement, and/or Proficiency goals for doing a program are established.  copyright, SLC.

Progress Center™ has selected Sound Listening Corporation based upon their experience in working with over 6000 individuals in the following areas:
Asperger's Syndrome / Autism/ PDD-Nos 
Speech Clarity/Quality/Fluency
Social Interaction & Behavior
Accelerated Learning/Comprehension
Early Learning
Gifted Development
Organization & Planning Skills 


Call Progress Center™ today at 1-334-699-4007 to schedule the initial consultation.
"It's a Program Worth Listening To!"