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We accept and are credentialed with most health insurance plans for Speech Therapy.  We are a Tricare Credentialed program for ABA Therapy Services.  Our insurance office will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding pre-authorization and plan coverages

Progress Center™  was founded in 2005 by Angie Marshall from a need to bring special services to families in the Ashford, AL area. Now located in Dothan, AL the center now services children and adults from many surrounding counties with Speech Therapy,  ABA and Cognitive therapy programs and families from all over the U.S. who participate in enListen®.  Progress Center is located at 2543 Ross Clark Circle, Suite 5, Dothan, AL 36301 (next to ACE Hardware).

Angie's vision shares her personal experience on the journey to healing her son of autism and focuses the dedication of her staff together with a most remarkable technology. Together these have made Progress Center™  a leader in the field of Speech Therapy, Auditory Training, Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, and Academic Tutoring


"Our mission is to help children and adults reach their full educational potential by offering programs in academic tutoring, cognitive therapy, and auditory processing support "About Us Photo


I began this journey as a mom. My son sat in his highchair during his first birthday party oblivious of anything around him. He saw tractors as a giant tire to spin continuously and at about 9 months the words just stopped. At 22 months of age we got the word we had dreaded but knew deep down inside..."autism."

For about a month I cried non stop and then one day I was watching a segment on the Today show with Katie Couric. The feature for the day was a segment on auditory therapy for autism. Two of the three children were just like Charles.  Before and after videos were presented and the results these parents had seen were enough for me to search for a program for him.

Charles began his auditory training with Dr. Susan Andrews in Metairie, La. I owe a great deal to her because she educated me about the importance of working on his sensory integration system early. He had done about 60 hours of training and my mom and I could not believe our ears. He sat in the hotel in Metairie with his book and out came the word "purple". I will never forget that word. I call it one of those "mommy moments." Moms of autistic children know what I mean when I say the words "mommy moment."

Dr. Andrews introduced me to Dr. Billie Thompson who had developed and patented a technology that had both air and bone conduction in one headset. This special headset is very significant I later learned. I spoke to Dr. Thompson and asked her help in getting the program for our learning center. I could have never forgiven myself if I thought there was something I could do to help other children in the same manner Charles had been helped.

Charles has had all the right help. The special teachers in his life (DeAnna Shelley, Tiffani Peters, Frieda Lantrip, Sandra Chase, Amanda Rogers, Ginny Koen, Nicole Taylor, Dusty Bedsole, Danielle Shelley, Lindsey Andrews, Chris Johnson, Felitta Johnson, Krystal Burgess, and Kim Douglas) have helped him beyond my words. We have been blessed with therapy, nutritional support, an awesome DAN Doctor, and Enlisten®

He began to read as soon as he learned to talk. He is on the honor roll and participated in TAG. He enjoys swimming, the beach, camping and yes those video games. 

About Us Photo 2Since the inception in 2005 we have gradually added Speech Therapy Services and today we have both the typical at-risk academic tutoring program and also a combination of very specially selected services to help those with add/adhd, anxiety, behavioral, and autism spectrum diagnoses.

The staff of Progress Center™  shares my opinion that every minute spent is precious and parents are trusting those valuable minutes during the developmental years to our care.

Our mission is to do anything possible to help other parents in their quest to help their children.  We are very proud of Progress Center™ , the staff, parents, and most of all...each and every child we serve who strives to be their best self.

Angie F. Marshall, mother of Charles