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We accept and are credentialed with most health insurance plans for Speech Therapy.  We are a Tricare Credentialed program for ABA Therapy Services.  Our insurance office will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding pre-authorization and plan coverages


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Progress Center™, is excited about becoming the SE Alabama Parent Resource Office for the AAAP. We are dedicated in helping the children, families, and communities that are affected by Autism. Please join us, because together, we can make a difference!

What is AAAP?
AAAP stands for The Alabama Autism Assistance Program and is a non-profit organization providing scholarships to families with children with autism.

The Mission: The mission of the Alabama Autism Assistance Program (AAAP) is to provide scholarships to children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders to help pay for behavioral therapy, consultation services, and biomedical interventions in the state of Alabama.

Scholarships are given four times per year and applicants may apply multiple times. The Board of Directors of AAAP vote on who receives the scholarships. Applicants must complete a scholarship application. They must indicate on the application if they are applying for assistance with behavioral or biomedical therapy or both. If the application is for behavioral therapy, a letter from the Board Certified Behavioral Analyst overseeing the program must be included. If the application is for biomedical treatment, a letter from the medical doctor providing treatment must be included. If
the application is for both, a letter from each provider must be included. Scholarship amounts will be based on funds available and the need of the applicants.

What is ABA therapy?

The principles of behavior are applied systematically to improve socially significant behavior. Assessments and evaluation is used to identify the variable responsible for the behavior. An individualized plan is created to increase appropriate behavior and decrease inappropriate behavior. Discrete Trial
Teaching is a part of an ABA program.

What is Biomedical Intervention?

In numerous studies autism has been associated with food sensitivities, profound vitamin, mineral and fatty acid deficiencies, some abnormalities in purine levels and essential amino acids as well as some cases with hormonal and cholesterol metabolism abnormalities. Through examination and biomedical testing, each individual’s symptoms can be understood and treatment can be tailored accordingly. Some treatments can include but are not
limited to changes in diet, vitamins, and supplements and chelation for heavy metal toxicity.

AAAP wants to be able to provide these services to families who without assistance would be unable to receive them. Every child with autism deserves the best care possible and AAAP hopes to be able to assist in providing that care.

For more information on how you can help go to: www.helpaaap.org