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We accept and are credentialed with most health insurance plans for Speech Therapy.  We are a Tricare Credentialed program for ABA Therapy Services.  Our insurance office will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding pre-authorization and plan coverages



"I have seen a drastic difference in her play since her last therapy. She is playing at a more appropriate age level. Behavior is another area I have seen a dramatic change. I can get Maggie to do all sorts of things with no tantrums and with good follow through. She listens to instruction so much better. She is understanding things more and more."
---Paula (mom of daughter Maggie, age 6)


"Alex is saying lots of words and a couple of phrases. He is now potty trained and sleeps and average of 10 hours at night with no naps during the day. He is also listening to us more. He doesn't have as many melt downs when told no. Thank you."
---Shellie (mom of son Alex, age 5)


"Thank you for helping me with this learning process. It has really helped me do better in school. I just want to thank you for helping me."
---Matthew (age 13)


"Ana is more playful and fun to be around. She is hearing noises that she generally does not hear. An example would be the P.A. system at the ball park. When we were at the ball park, and they called a name out of the P.A. system, Ana stopped and looked up in the air and smiled. Ana is constantly talking and seems to enjoy life at a new level. We are pleased with Ana's progress at this time and look forward to the next round."
--- April (mom of daughter Ana, age 11)


"Kyli's STAR reading has gone up two grade levels in just five months."
---Pam (mom of daughter Kyli, age 12)


"Eli is more social with the other kids at school and church. He repeats more words and even says some on his own. His attention span is better. He is able to go into the grocery store without running wild."
---Brandi (mom of son Eli, age 8)


"Tinsley's behavior at school has been very good. She is very excited about meeting new friends. She wants to read to us and is making good progress. She reads a book each night."
---Carla (mom of daughter Tinsley, age 8)


Kendrick asks more questions. He is developing a sense of humor. He will sit and work on his homework until it is complete. He answers appropriately to yes or no questions."
---Quita (mom of son Kendrick, age 8)


"Jack was more appropriate in his interactive play and followed most if not all one-step commands in a highly consistent manner. Communication was primarily with signs but sounds were emerging such as producing the initial consonant sounds for animals as well as other consonant sounds such as G and T. There were effective use of signs and the parents demonstrated the effectiveness of augmentative communication. By history a music program has recently been provided. Interactive and imaginative play was markedly improved without any behaviors of an autistic spectrum disorder. ...He was more proficient in building with blocks....Sensory examination was normal to touch without tactile defensiveness. Cerebellar examination showed deficient but improved hand-eye and fine finger motor coordination with greater proficiencies in throwing and kicking a ball. Oromotor function is normal with good mouth closure...In summary, Jack has shown a significent and remarkable interval improvement when compared to the prior evaluation."
---(Neurologist of Jack, age 6)


"During the first intensive of 30 hours, Simon was saying more words. He said, "I hear a truck". He rarely uses articles. And, I love to hear those pronouns. He got his report card after completing most of the break before his next intensive and he had improved in several areas of behavior, communication, and social interaction with peers. His two therapists commented that he was talking more and a little hyper. He let me read 5 books last night. He had to hold the book, but he let me read each page. Usually he won't stay listening when I read aloud to him. One book had 3-4 sentences per page. He is sleeping well, too."
---(mother of Simon, age 6)


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